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SOAKED is a multiplayer team based competitive water gun FPS. We started developing it as a proof of concept for our new multiplayer engine.  

You can currently play it online with friends through net play, which allows you to create and host public matches and play on a local network. 

There is not much in terms of level design, but playing it with a group of friends proves to be quite enjoyable in it's current state.

HOW TO PLAY: Start a game and choose your team. Teams will battle it out for points. Team Points are based on a tug of war system. 1 Point for Soaking a player. 1 point lost for being soaked. The team with the most Soaks wins. 

Utilize water based weapons including long range, short range, heavy, and water balloons (WB). Players receive 3 WB and a limited supply of water in each tank. You will need to run to the water taps (Refilling Station) and pull out the weapon you want to refill and press "F".  The water indicator UI on the right fills and drops in blue. While the white border represents the water guns pressure. The water guns require pressure to fire and keep distance. Pressing "R" pumps the tank and increases the pressure gauge. Standard FPS controls (W,A,S,D) Movement, (Spacebar) Jump, (CTRL) Crouch, (LM) Left Mouse Click Fires Weapon, and in some cases a weapon can aim using (RM) Right Mouse Click.

Please not there may be technical issues, this executable has not been tested on many hardware variations. Also note that there may be technical bugs during game play including random disconnects and or minor UI issues. 

Know Issue: Please note that in some random circumstances when you create a new game session or join the game will hang during the loading screen. There is no fix for this currently, but exiting the game and trying again usually solves this issue. 

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